While I was in grad school I went to my first professional conference, and it changed the way I think about the field of TESOL and my place within it. So many people came together in one place to share their ideas about teaching and learning English and thinking about them all was mentally invigorating. I felt like I had a professional community and I decided to attend as many conferences as was feasible. Now, when I present at conferences, I strive to balance theory and praxis, to ensure that my work is both academically sound and practical for working teachers.

Below are some conference presentations I’ve given, with abstracts and links to my slides and handouts. If you are interested in having me present at a conference or deliver a workshop, please contact me.

Upcoming Presentations

Drama for Social Justice in ELT.

Drama can help language learners counter dominant narratives, develop empathy and understand their identities, while developing their language skills and addressing social issues. This interactive workshop provides a framework for integrating drama for social justice into English classes and provides teachers an opportunity to experience dramatic activities firsthand.

• Workshop accepted for the 2018 TESOL Convention, Chicago, IL.

Multiplicity in TESOL: Multimodality, Multilingualism and Multiple Intelligences.

As teachers of developing multilinguals, we want our students to draw on all their linguistic, communicative and intellectual resources. This session presents a classroom research project conducted in Ecuador that combined plurilingual pedagogy with Gardner’s multiple intelligences and provides activity ideas and resources for incorporating multiplicity into your own classes.

• Research-oriented presentation accepted for the 2018 TESOL Convention, Chicago, IL.

Empowering Tanzanian Students through Multilingual Storytelling, Drama and Digital Publishing (with Catherine Njau)

A multimodal, multilingual storytelling club created a space for Tanzanian students to share their stories and improve their English through drama and digital publishing. This session highlights the international collaboration behind the project, shares students’ stories and provides a framework for participants to start similar clubs in their own communities.

• Practice-oriented presentation accepted for the 2018 TESOL Convention, Chicago, IL.

Past Presentations

Music and Movement in the English Classroom: Practical Implementation Strategies

This highly interactive session will provide teachers with the tools they need to integrate music and movement into their English classes. Participants will examine theories of embodied cognition and practice adapting familiar songs to teach both vocabulary and grammar points, leaving with specific strategies for classroom implementation.

  • Workshop presented at the 2017 TESOL International Convention, Seattle, WA.
  • Workshop presented at the 2016 MATSOL conference, Framingham, MA.
  • Learning Lunch presented at SIT Graduate Institute, Brattleboro, VT.

Download Music and Movement in the English Classroom Slides and Music and Movement in the English Classroom Handout.

Expression through Drama: Linking Prosody, Embodiment and Emotional Awareness

Drama activities give students opportunities to practice expressing embodied emotions in a safe space. Focusing on emotional expression helps students make connections between the suprasegmental components of pronunciation and the meanings they carry. Participants will experience these exercises and learn strategies for implementing them in their own classrooms.

  • Workshop presented at the 2016 Sandanona Conference, Brattleboro, VT.

Download Expression through Drama Slides and Expression through Drama Handout.

Multiple Intelligences in International TESOL

Multiple Intelligences (MI) have been used to engage students and improve English teaching around the world. This session compares the way MI theory has been used in TESOL internationally and in Ecuador and presents the results of an MI-based classroom research project conducted in Ecuador.

  • Paper presented at the 2017 WorldTeach Global Education Fellowship Conference, Quito, Ecuador.

Download Multiple Intelligences in International TESOL Slides.